Unique 33 Examples Excel Chart Margin Size

Unique 33 Examples Excel Chart Margin Size
  chart margins in excel social technet microsoft com hello when i create a chart in excel 2010 the margins bw the chart and border are exceedingly large and when i go to the format data lables and then click on alignment the autofit and internal ma how to adjust chart size to fit page size using excel vba im trying to adjust the size of a chart in excel to exactly fit the printable area e g the chart should cover the whole a4 page except the margin area i e it should cover the area of a4 height how to increase chart area without affecting plot area when resizing the chart area the plot area resizes with it just as andy mentioned but funny as it is the plot area can be resized without affecting the chart area add or remove margins from a chart report builder and in all other chart types the chart does not add side margins you cannot change the size of the margin you cannot change the size of the margin this topic does not apply to pie doughnut funnel o resize plot area in excel chart titles and labels the chart area and plot area are the same size sometimes the plot area can fill up the entire chart area this makes it difficult to distinguish the difference between the two areas of the chart the cannot resize the chart area of a chart located on a starting from excel 2010 you cannot adjust the size of the chart area when the chart is located on a chart sheet excel 2007 would allow you to resize the chart area consider this scenario 1 when internal margins on chart data labels excel 2010 faster internal margins on chart data labels excel 2010 hi experts the options are greyed out when you select format data labels alignment as shown in my image i would like to move my data labels up so is there a way to increase the margins of an excel chart best answer in the chart when you click the plot area the boundary of it will have 8 tiny black square come up move your mouse to 1 of those square and it will change shape click and drag the sq set page margins before printing a worksheet excel to specify custom page margins click custom margins and then in the top bottom left and right boxes enter the margin sizes that you want to set header or footer margins click cus how to crop a chart in excel chron com when creating a chart in microsoft excel there may be a lot of extra white space surrounding the actual data when printing or sharing the chart in other applications this can create a lot of  Unique 33 Examples Excel Chart Margin Size

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