Fresh 32 Sample Excel Vba Chart .xvalues Array

Fresh 32 Sample Excel Vba Chart .xvalues Array
  assign an array to values and xvalues in an excel chart even though your data may not extend for 2000 points the arrays elements for all 2000 points is trying to be stored try this on some test data in range a1b6 when the chart is created check the seri vba problem with activechart seriescollection1 xvalues xvalues and values are both arrays and you cant return an array like that in the immediate window you need to specify one member of the array or loop through them as domenic suggests you need t diagramm mit vba xvalues office loesung de ich mache das derzeit so dass ich die daten auch per array an eine funktion zum chart zeichnen ubergebe da treten aber leider genau die oben beschriebenen probleme auf die erklarung mit dem string vba excel charts enter array as xvalue on date axis i am trying to create modify an excel line chart with a date x axis using vba and assigning the series xvalues using an array rather than a range xvalues property excel 2003 vba language reference the xvalues property can be set to a range on a worksheet or to an array of values but it cannot be a combination of both read write variant for pivotchart reports this property is read only excel create chart from array data and not range stack ja72 is probably referring to excel 2003 and prior where there was a length restriction the grid size also limits the size of 1d arrays to 256 or 16384 points in excel 2003 2007 respectively seriescollectioni and xvalues array error solved i dont see where he mentioned a limit why not try it and see of course a chart has a limit on the number of points data points in a data series for 2 d charts 32000 re setting the xvalues of graph using vba hello lion g setting series in vba is not a fun thing to do since excel chart keep their own count of series and if you see 1 serie in the chart it doesnt nessesarly mean its called series1 seriescollection in chart per vba ansprechen excel makros folgendes problem ich habe eine excel datei die aus einer tabelle als datenquelle worksheets1 sowie in einem separaten sheet als diagramm charts1 besteht nun moechte ich per vba den datenbe create a chart using arays in vba excel tips solutions i am trying to plot a chart using vba i generated 2 arrays of data using vba not read from ranges one for the x axis n rows and the other for t  Fresh 32 Sample Excel Vba Chart .xvalues Array

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